Senior Python Developer/PM/Architect

at InQuest open_in_new
Austin, TX, USA
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full time
1 year ago

Job description

The InQuest platform provides high-throughput Deep File Inspection (DFI) for threat and data leakage prevention, detection, and hunting. We aim to automate and scale the expert knowledge of a typical SOC analyst. Available on-premise or as a service, we leverage a variety of sources in our automated decision-making engine. This includes bi-directional orchestration with multi-scanning and sandbox platforms, unique threat intelligence sources, and a seasoned signature development team augmented by machine learning.

Founded in 2013, the InQuest leadership and engineering teams comprise of passionate security researchers hailing from both the public and private sectors. Our mission is to deliver our decades of lessons-learned to protect users and organizations everywhere. We strive to maintain our hands-on familiarity with a wide range of prevention, analysis, and monitoring solutions. Continuously exploring, examining, and validating security vendors. We aim to continue our community involvement through contributions by way of talks, publications, open-source software, and researcher collaboration.

Two unfair advantages fuel our team's passion:

  1. We've worked with thousands of real-world exploits from vulnerability discovery and exploitation specialists from all-around the world.
  2. We've vetted nearly every major security vendor under the Sun. Working with the best-in-class COTS and OSS solutions across the spectrum.

Through 2017, we operated in stealth-mode, primarily servicing the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. Expanding by word-of-mouth and perfecting our solution. In 2018 we came out of stealth mode with the launch of our flagship on-premise appliance fleet, supporting up to 20Gb/sec in a 1RU form-factor. In tandem, we made publicly available a slew of open-source software and threat intelligence contributions via GitHub and began interfacing with the community via our blog and Twitter. Regardless of how the InQuest solution is deployed, our goals are to:

  1. Operate at scale to support the needs of businesses ranging from small offices to global enterprises.
  2. Expose deeply embedded content through novel methods, automating typically human-intensive tasks.
  3. Utilize all available resources to automate the identification and validation of threats lurking in the environment.

This is both a key role and an exciting time to join the team. You'll be working mostly from our office in downtown Austin Texas with the option to work remotely as needed. For more information visit us at or apply and let's have a conversation.



  • Work with our frontend and backend engineers to implement a Flask-based web application for our products
  • Participate in code reviews of new and maintenance code
  • You will write and deliver code for new applications, as well as help with maintenance on existing platforms
  • Work with our product management team to help build a roadmap for various product offerings
  • Help guide and mentor junior and mid-level developers
  • Help write documentation for new systems and work with the documentation team to provide excellent documentation for users and internal staff.


  • 6+ years doing web-focused, server-side development
  • Can work with Postgres and MySQL, and understand basic DBA functions
  • Have worked with large data set
  • Have working knowledge of Python 3, pipenv, unittes
  • Understanding of API construction
  • Have worked with Continuous Integration systems
  • Can work with git, GitHub, and understand the git-flow workflow
  • Understanding of AWS

Great to have:

  • Understanding of Test Driven Development and Behavioral Driven Development
  • Knowledge of front-end development, including CSS and JavaScript
  • Have worked in PHP and Golang
  • Have worked with Ansible
  • Background in the IT Security field

Company description

InQuest, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and solutions for both the private and public sector, is looking for Senior Python 3 developer to work with both our frontend and backend development teams. You will architect and plan new products, as well as provide maintenance on existing projects. You will serve as a project manager and interface with folks on UI, backend, and threat intelligence to ensure that requirements are met and delivered to our hardware, software and SaaS platforms.

To learn more about InQuest, please visit the following:

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