Django/Python Software Engineer - in Stockholm or Remote

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Stockholm, Sweden - Remote allowed
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full time
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mid level
1 year ago
python django flask celery rabbitmq

Job description

Load Impact Engineers build next-generation, performance testing tools for other developers and DevOps engineers. Our open-source load testing platform, k6 is at the forefront of innovation in performance testing space. It is one of the trending projects on GitHub, with over 4k stars.

We embrace open-source, and publish most of our “secret sauce” on GitHub, for developers to review, edit and improve!

As a Software Engineer, you will work in a small team and have the ability to switch your role to DevOps, frontend or backend to keep things interesting. Load Impact is growing, and we encourage our engineers to grow with the company and learn new technologies as the company expands. This is not a job where you do the same thing every day.

This position is for our premium offering, a SaaS product available on We need your python expertise to expand the functionality and scale the service to match customer's expectations. 

Due to our small teams and fast development pace, you will have a substantial and immediate impact on how the end product is architected, developed, and how the engineering team operates. Most importantly, you will work with competent colleagues and will be able to expand your knowledge and skills in different directions.

Skills and requirements


  • You are best in class software engineer, or on your way there
  • Understand the ins-and-outs of HTTP protocol and REST
  • Fluent in python
  • Experienced in server-side programming (Django, Flask or similar)
  • Passion for quality code
  • Experience with microservice architecture run in the cloud

It’s an advantage if you know:

  • Django and/or Flask
  • Timescaledb or other time series technologies
  • AWS / Cloud APIs
  • Docker and CI/CD workflow - ours is based on Github and CircleCI

This position is for the office in Stockholm, Götgatan 14. We expect you to be in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can work remotely for the rest of the week :-) 

We also accept fully remote applications.!

About Load Impact

Load Impact is the world’s most widely used online load testing service, with over 100,000 users from 190+ countries and over a million executed load tests - Google “web load test"!

We are a small company but very experienced in developing applications for performance testing and monitoring. We started out as a software development consulting company way back in 2000, developing performance test and measurement software for customers such as Nasdaq and the European space agency. We wrote both hardcore, low-level networking software and high-level web user interfaces and became quite good at both of those things. We pride ourselves on understanding the lower levels of a networked application while at the same time realizing how incredibly important UX is. In 2009 we took the step and launched, becoming a product company rather than a consulting company, and we have never looked back.

Recruiting is ongoing. We will respond to your application immediately. If you don’t have a CV ready, don’t create one, send us a link to your Github/LinkedIn with a few sentences about yourself.

Company description

Load Impact is on a mission to democratize load testing by providing a developer-centric experience fit for the modern engineering teams of the world. An experience that integrates well into the workflow of developers and the DevOps automation flows that they craft. An experience that will help these modern businesses to proactively and continuously make sure that their mission critical systems stay performant, that their revenues are not negatively affected. An experience that requires state of the art technology, a great care for design and support, that combined delivers a praised customer experience.

We are today the most widely used load testing service in the world, with more than 200,000 users from 190+ countries and over two million executed load tests. We pride ourselves on having some of the most progressive companies in the world as customers.

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