Python Software Engineer - Join our growing team of 20+ developers

at open_in_new
Richmond, UK - Remote allowed
Job type
full time
Job level
£30,000 - £75,000
1 year ago
python flask celery mysql amazon-web-services

Job description

We're looking for someone who has a passion for technology, who gets a kick out of collaborating across the business to build products and features that our customers love. 

Our current team has backgrounds in various programming languages. What is common is a hunger to learn new technology. Our tech stack is predominantly Python, so we expect you to learn Python. However, just like the technology we use, we are a company that is evolving constantly, and we expect you evolve and learn with us.

In this role you will...

build robust backend services as part of our event-driven architecture

  • collaborate in autonomous squads to deliver high impact features that our customers love
  • lead best practices ensuring appropriate testing and great software engineering
  • contribute, both in ideas and execution, to the ongoing evolution of the platform architecture
  • guiding and mentoring other members of the team, sharing knowledge and challenging appropriately…
  • refine the skills and techniques necessary to take the next step in your career, whether that’s leading a team, architecting complex systems or just being the best developer you can be

Company description

4 million. That’s how many meals we deliver every single month, and we’re just getting started. That's 8000 unique, tailor-made bags of dog food per day!

Imagine a world where what you feed your dog is being as carefully optimised as the recommendation engine for what to watch next on Netflix. Well that world exists - we’re creating it right now. 

So where do you come in? Turn 4 million into 4 billion. We’ll need new nutrition algorithms that handle more types of food. We’ll need better pricing engines for value engineering. And we’ll need to keep making sure our customer experience is top of the line in a constantly evolving E-commerce world.

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