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Los Altos, CA, USA
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full time
3 months ago
flask python api python-3-x json sql mysql

Job description

The position: you will be on a team supporting and extending our knowledge automation platform. You will look for ways to extend and enhance the platform so data scientists can easily add deeper and broader analysis. You will also be involved with weekly customer deliverables, as we already have an active and growing customer base. If you have a NLP or ML background, even better although the primary job is to work on the platform and not the models themselves. You are comfortable defining and making recommendations based on the current architectture.

The team: you will be working alongside other software engineers, data scientists, ML developers and subject matter experts who have developed a question and answer analytics platform used in the biopharma industry. You will be actively engaging with the different individuals in a collaborative manner.

The platform: you can think of as "the ease of Alexa with the power of business intelligence" - It is being used today by some of the largest pharma companies. The platform is enabling users to make decisions immediately by being able to rapidly asking questions and instantly get back analysis.

  1. We only hire individuals, not outsource teams. Thanks!
  2. Friendly nature - we like solving problems from a positive, open-minded perspective. We are passionate and collaborative and hope you are too. We are happy nerds!
  3. We are looking for someone long term who can work at least 20 hours a week. Full-time would be best.
  4. You can choose from any number of positions, but you are looking for the right, meaningful, rewarding job with a great team to collaborate with.
  5. Since so much of our communication is on Slack or via video chats, we require excellent, friendly written and oral communication skills. We hire people who enjoy learning from others and who are comfortable sharing their knowledge with their teammates.
  6. You can work 100% remote. You would like the silicon valley startup experience without having to move to CA/SF/SV. But if you're in the SF Bay Area already that's perfectly OK. :)
  7. We are looking for a "contract to hire person". By starting out on a contract, we get to both "try each other out for a few months". If it works out, then we you will join us full-time with all the benefits and stock options.

NOTE: We love open source and if you have ideas around other proven open source solutions that will help us improve our service we are very open-minded. So you might think about introducing Redis for caching or Spark for analysis. We tend to be adopters of newer but stable technology, so let us know what you think!


About you: this is a job for a very seasoned software engineer whose "go to" language is python. You think at a system level. You love beautiful code. You love to see other engineers use and leverage the libraries you've had a major hand in building. Of course, you've probably used a 1/2 dozen languages but python has become your favorite language. You know the pluses, minuses and limitations and you can talk about them. You may have even contributed to one of the major python repos.

About your engineering approach:

  1. You put as much energy and coding into validating/testing your solution as you do coding your solution. You believe the best QA is automated QA with full coverage. And you understand that we consider that a critical part of your job (and you get paid for it)!
  2. You love designing and building elegant, consistent systems that are predictable, reliable and scalable. You love being part of a team to deliver great products for customers. You enjoy the pace of the startup environment.
You have designed and built systems with separation and communication between systems so that we can add services quickly but later replace with more efficient/superior mechanisms in the future. You are an excellent communicator and enjoy working with a (mostly) very seasoned team whom you will collaborate within the requirements and design process to come up with a near-term and mid-term solution. You can move fast when required but try to spend time planning when it's not an immediate deliverable.

Common Tech Stack


  • Python 3.x - 5+ years
  • AWS - 5+ years
  • MySQL in AWS - 3+ years
  • Flask - For services - 2+ years
  • JSON - For data exchange

Company description


Our mission is to help biopharma companies bring new drugs to market faster.

At Huma, we help our customers get previously unobtainable, instant insights across their sea of documents and data by simply asking questions and getting answers. As a well-funded startup, we already have “delighted” customers and the insights the platform is generating can be used to bring life-saving drugs to patients faster and with greater accuracy.

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