Full-stack Engineer

at Gorgias open_in_new
Paris, France
Job type
full time
Job level
mid level
€65,000 - €90,000
1 year ago
python react postgres flask celery

Job description

We're looking for talented and motivated software engineers to join us in our Paris office.

EU CITIZENS: If you are an European citizen or have a work permit we'll sponsor your relocation to Paris, France.
REMOTE: we do not hire for remote positions at the moment as we're trying to grow our Parisian office. Remote positions will be available in the future.


You should join us if you care about

* Building quality software for customer support agents and improving the overall experience for the end customer. Enough with shitty customer-service!
* Carefully designing, consuming and implementing the REST API facing our customers.
* Writing rock-solid Flask apps with clear APIs and workers that handle all the data syncing, webhook delivery, etc..
* Moving fast and hacking which translates to Trying, Failing, Refactoring, Testing, Profiling and Debugging the living shit out of our code while most importantly Shipping fast!
* Being a great team player and enabling other people in the team with your skills and jokes.

A big bonus for us would be if also like:

* Making simple interfaces that are both powerful and flexible using JS and enough bootstrap to survive.
* You know your way around *nix tools and use them proficiently.
* Have some idea on how to use machine-learning tools and NLP specifically.

Our software stack:

* Langs: Python3 and Flow JS (currently migrating to TS).
* Libs: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow and Restless for APIs, React/Redux for the UI.
* DB: Postgres, Redis.
* Task Queue: RabbitMQ + Celery and PubSub recently.
* Hosting: Google Cloud Platform (we run on Kubernetes)

A more complete list of our Stack: http://stackshare.io/gorgias


* Have a significant impact on an ambitious product.
* Included powerful workstation/laptop.
* We cover the lunch and other expenses.
* Competitive salary.
* Free lunch/transportation.

Company description

At Gorgias, we’re making customer support software to help companies deliver great customer support at scale.

We’re building a helpdesk which aggregates customer communications from email, Facebook or chat. We make integrations with 3rd party software to show all the customer data in one place.

We've been around since 2015 and at this moment we have over 2000+ paying customers including Stripe, Fjällräven, Rothys, Timbuk2, and Adoreme.

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