Back-End Engineer - Geospatial APIs

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Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Job type
full time
Job level
mid level
1 year ago
postgresql sqlalchemy python data-structures amazon-web-services

Job description

As a software engineer at PSMA, you will be responsible for backend development to support our API development team. You will help deliver our geospatial APIs to serve our customers with PSMA’s location intelligence. The APIs also serve data to an upcoming customer self-service data portal.

The development team works as a unit to deliver the sprint goals. We cover and support each other.

In your day you may experience work such as:

  • Break down product features into incremental deliverables (done as a team)
  • Refine high-level acceptance criteria into technical requirements (sometimes done as a team)
  • Clean coding and refactoring
  • Design efficient data structures, SQL transformations and queries
  • Automate tests, builds and deployments
  • Catch, squash and prevent resurrecting bugs
  • Write or run acceptance tests
  • Run a deployment
  • Evaluate technologies

You’ll also take part in our Agile rituals.

As an individual you may have unique responsibilities or personal interests. For example:

  • Leading or collaborating in company-wide initiatives
  • Providing guidance into the PSMA Architecture Forum
  • Supporting or mentoring peers in your area of expertise
  • Participating in professional development activities
  • Participating in social or special-interest activities

For the most part you’re in charge of what your daily schedule looks like. (Use your time-management muscles to prioritise sprint goals.)

Do you have professional experience in the following?

  • Software development with a preference for Python, Flask and SQLAlchemy
  • Database development or data engineering with a preference for PostgreSQL
  • Docker, automation, continuous-integration, and serverless-architectures
  • Writing clean code and Test-Driven Development
  • Cloud infrastructure and web services with a preference for AWS

Are you a role model of our values and culture ?

Yes? Come, let’s make great APIs together!

You’ll be joining a flat structure of innovators and influencers. If you see an opportunity for improvement, you’re empowered to lead an initiative. What’s more, you’ll join a welcoming and supportive culture. Our ‘About PSMA’ section below will tell you more.

Here is a glimpse of what a typical day may look like:

Join the development team in the morning to share your progress toward the sprint goals. Afterward you may find yourself either

  • unblocking the team's progress by giving or receiving help; or
  • joining a tech-huddle to make a design decision; or
  • enjoying company-provided tea, coffee and fruit; or
  • working on a ticket to progress toward our sprint goals; or
  • enjoying some personal innovation time which is budgeted for each sprint; or
  • joining the company in eating cake and other goodies because we’ve completed something awesome, or it’s someone’s birthday, or it’s Friday or Thursday or ...

Certain days and times are allocated for:

  • grooming the product backlog (wear your thinking hat)
  • sprint planning, demonstration and retrospective (put your best foot forward)
  • Research and Development of new ideas (feed the creative innovator in you)
  • professional development (you’re the owner of your own development and we're here to help)
  • participating in technical presentations and code challenges (iron sharpens iron)

Company description


Data was once an abstract idea. Today it’s woven through our lives. It links the physical and the digital. It informs the choices we make in volatile social and geographical landscapes.

PSMA Australia is a trusted source of accessible location data. It is an independent and self-funded company owned by the governments of Australia. 

We are passionate about providing location data for a digital world.

We actively source geospatial information from all levels of government and through private sector partnerships. We standardise and integrate the data--assuring its quality--and then transform it into authoritative products that are highly valued by customers.

This data is used by Australia’s public and private sectors. For example:

  • Emergency services
  • Delivery of government services - supporting evidence-based decision-making
  • Map companies
  • Insurance companies

 Our Values

  • Passionate about people. We’re passionate about making a difference and putting people first in the decisions we make.
  • Proven knowledge. We have a continual thirst for knowledge and experts who are always looking to learn.
  • A leader’s mindset. We’re agile and nimble, leading the way through our innovative and creative thinking.
  • Respectful collaborators. We’re respectful, optimistic and encouraging, celebrating diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Culture

Under our Health and Wellbeing Program, staff have access to clean drinking water and fresh fruit delivered weekly to our main office. We also support staff initiatives to run Yoga sessions in our meeting rooms and encourage cycling and other physical fitness activities during lunch breaks.


  • Competitive remuneration
  • Employee Assistance Program of personal and family support services
  • Health and Wellbeing Program + Diversity and inclusion activities
  • Diverse social events (exercise, board games, movie nights, knitting, book club)
  • Tea/coffee/fruit
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Work in highly focused and truly autonomous teams
  • We invest in your professional development
  • Customise your work-gear (sit/stand desk, dual monitors, windows/mac laptop desktop)
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Strong company culture that supports work-life balance
  • Regular team celebration and showcases

Are you ready to join us?

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